Qatar Airways Group employees, along with their family members, are getting ready to celebrate this year’s National Sport Day at Al Sadd Sports Club tomorrow.
In what is set to be a day of family fun and traditional sporting activities, the airline - one of the country’s largest employers – has said it is expecting record numbers of its workforce to attend the national public holiday events, organised with the aim of celebrating the company’s team spirit.
From early tomorrow morning, Qatar Airways Group employees and their family members will take part in a variety of competitions, including football tournaments, supported by three of FC Barcelona’s own coaches, basketball, cricket and more.
Qatari employees will serve as on-site leaders during the day, helping families navigate the different activity zones.
Salam al-Shawa, Qatar Airways senior vice-president (marketing and corporate communications), said: “It is important that, as an airline, we take the time to celebrate the very concept of sport and the value it brings to our society.
“In line with the Qatar 2030 vision of encouraging participation in a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities, as well as our goal of establishing a global leadership in hosting world-class sporting events, Qatar Airways has aligned with key sports sponsorships around the world.”
Nabeela Fakhri, senior vice-president (human resources) at Qatar Airways, said: “Qatar Airways is proud to host a family event that brings together staff to socialise and celebrate Qatar’s National Sport Day.
“On behalf of Qatar Airways’ human resources department, who have worked hard to organise this event, I hope our staff and their families have fun taking part in the wide variety of activities that will be on offer.”
In order to create a “unique and team atmosphere”, Qatar Airways employees and their families will be presented with branded caps and T-shirts upon arrival at Al Sadd Sports Club.
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