Sheraton Park’s underground parking awaits its opening
February 03 2016 12:37 AM
Workers making some finishing touches yesterday.

By Joey Aguilar/Staff Reporter

The opening of Sheraton Park’s 2,800-capacity underground parking has been delayed for another two to three months, a source told Gulf Times.
While the new public park in front of Sheraton Doha Hotel continues to attract a large number of visitors especially during the weekend, he said parking slots were limited at the moment.
According to the source, the Civil Defence has yet to issue a certificate allowing the underground parking to be fully operational, due to minor fire safety issues.
“As far as I know they want some panels (used for fire safety) to be replaced, so we will wait for the next inspection scheduled for next month,” he noted. “If approved, we will open anytime.”
The source disclosed that work is “almost 100% “ finished  with only minor finishing touches and some water proofing remaining.
“We are hoping it will open as soon as possible to accommodate the growing number of park and hotel visitors,” he said.
Besides a seven-hectare public garden, the park  features an event zone, tidal pool, fitness zone, children’s play area, medical room, restaurants and eateries, “Wadi” and discovery area, “fountain of colours” and a prayer room.
The layout including “meadows”  and hills have become favourite hangouts of families and groups who spend their weekend on picnics.
Many public parks such as Aspire and the Museum of Islamic Art  have similar features, including rubber tracks for walking, dancing water fountains and playgrounds for children.
Like the Souq Waqif park, the Sheraton Park also has an entrance along the highway to provide easy access to the facility.
The Public Parks Department had earlier announced that a number of public parks will open in the coming months.
Designed to serve visitors particularly families better, these parks will have facilities for the blind and people with disabilities, bike lanes, more toilets, and some unique attractions for all ages. Smoking ban in these areas will strictly be implemented.
Many residents are also anticipating the opening of the  Al Rumailah Park, which is currently undergoing renovation. It used to be one of the most-visited parks in Qatar.

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