Sidra Medical and Research Centre (Sidra) has been awarded accreditation by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) effective from January 1. Sidra is now accredited as a Continuing Medical Education/ Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) provider.
There are new developments in all medical fields that require practitioners to take part in learning to update their practice. As part of Qatar National Health Strategy, the QCHP has made CME/CPD as mandatory requirement for all healthcare practitioners licensed in Qatar.
CME/CPD is the process by which healthcare providers are engaged in continuous learning and stay abreast of new knowledge, skills and professional attributes that enable them to provide the highest quality patient care.  
Following the accreditation, Sidra is eligible to provide CME/CPD credits according to QCHP as well as the Royal College of Canada International (RCCI) criteria and standards.
Dr Abdulla al-Kaabi, acting chief medical officer at Sidra, lauded Sidra’s accreditation team during a recent celebration with QCHP. “Receiving the accreditation is an honour and was due to the collective effort of the Sidra community and the diligent assistance of the QCHP Accreditation Department.”  
Dr al-Kaabi thanked the Sidra physicians, nurses, pharmacists, allied health practitioners and administrators who spent time to build the CME/CPD infrastructure. He also acknowledged those who planned and implemented quality CME/CPD educational activities that were used as evidence to support the QCHP accreditation application.
Dr Samar Aboulsoud, acting CEO of QCHP congratulated Sidra on its accreditation. She acknowledged Sidra’s commitment to provide quality healthcare and continuing education for healthcare practitioners in Qatar. Dr Samar is looking forward to the CPD/CME opportunities, Sidra will offer to its staff and the wider healthcare community in Qatar.
Sidra is one of four institutions that participated in the QCHP and RCCI Pilot Programme for a new and more stringent standards and criteria.
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