The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) held its  fourth meeting with representatives of communities and employers, headed by  Director of the Legal Affairs Committee Jaber al-Hawail. 
The meeting discussed the implementation and functioning of the Wage Protection Act (WPA), as well as the challenges facing the relationship between employees and their managers, and ways to better communication between the two sides through technology and the possibility of creating an electronic application to this goal with the help of the “Caravan Company”. 
The National Human Rights Committee has adopted this initiative, which comes within the framework of its prerogatives towards expatriate labour rights in the state and also in terms of corporate social responsibility with the US Labour Solidarity Centre and the  “CH2M” Contracting Company. 
The meeting was attended by representatives of the Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Bengali, and Philippine communities as well as representative of the  “Caravan Company”  and volunteers from the universities of Qatar and Georgetown in Doha.
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