Expat gets three-year jail term for killing co-worker
December 30 2015 11:20 PM

An Asian expatriate man has been sentenced to three years in jail for killing his compatriot co-worker in a fight, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.
A Doha Criminal Court also ordered the defendant to pay a sum of QR200,000 as the blood money for the legal heir of the victim as the case was registered as unpremeditated murder.
The defendant and the victim had a fight at an under construction house, after the defendant insulted the victim, according to the testimony of a co-worker. The witness told the court that he saw the two fighting each other and tried to intervene. 
However, the victim fell from the upper floor to the ground floor and was severely injured. The issue was reported to the police and the victim was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries, the daily added.

Man gets jail term for assaulting hotel employee

The Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling of the Court of First Instance, sentencing an Arab expatriate to six months in jail for assaulting and injuring a female employee at a hotel while being in an inebriated state, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.
A fine of QR5,000 was also imposed on the man.
The employee, who hailed from a Latin American country, sustained head and face injuries after the defendant entered the women’s restroom and attacked her. She testified against him in court and medical reports on her injuries were also presented.
The defendant admitted being intoxicated but claimed that he was not aware of anything about the woman and did not remember any such incident. 
Based on the investigation and evidence, the court convicted him and awarded the jail term. It also ordered his deportation after serving the sentence.

Suspended jail 
term for stealing building tools

A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced two Arab expatriate men to a six months suspended jail term for stealing some building tools from their employer’s company.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday that the sentence is suspended for three years from the date of the final verdict. The court also ordered their deportation after serving the jail term.
The employer filed a complaint against two defendants accusing them of stealing some building tools from a worksite owned by his company. But the defendants denied the incident and accused each other of the theft. 
Eventually, the person who bought the stolen tools testified that the first defendant asked him to buy them, which he claimed were owned by the second defendant. The buyer agreed to pay QR2,400 for the items. 
The witness told the court that the defendants called him one day at 6am to collect the items. Though he asked them to wait until 9am the duo insisted on 6am, so he went. He gave them QR1,500 and said he would pay the rest later. But after some time, he came to know that the first defendant was arrested. 
The court gave the duo a suspended sentence because the employer denounced his claims in the case.

Three-year jail term for stealing QR300,000 

A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced an Arab expatriate, who worked as a public relations officer (mandoob) in a private firm, to three years in jail for stealing QR300,000 that belonged to his employer, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.The court has also ordered his deportation on expiry of the sentence.
According to the details of the case, the company had given the defendant a sum of QR300,000, which was to be delivered to the accounts head for payment to another firm. 
The money was given in an envelope and the defendant had to sign to confirm that he had received the sum. He would regularly perform this task in the company.
However, the other company called up after two days, saying it was yet to receive the payment. When confronted by officials of his firm, the defendant denied receiving the sum and claimed that he put the envelope among other papers in his car and was not aware it contained money. 
Further, he claimed that somebody might have taken the envelope from his car or it got lost somehow. 
Eventually, the court convicted him based on the investigation and the evidence and documents of the case.

Theft case: two maids acquitted

Two Asian expatriate maids have been acquitted by a Doha Criminal Court from the charges of stealing some movable items owned by their employer.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday that the case goes back to when a police patrol suspected two persons walking very early on a morning carrying some household items. When questioned, they admitted that the items were stolen from a house with the help of two maids working there. 
When the maids were arrested they denied any wrong doing. The lady who owned the house and the employer of the maids said she had only known about the theft from her nephew. She also denounced all claims to the case, which made the court drop all charges against the maids.

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