Workshop discusses computer vision for healthcare applications
December 29 2015 11:34 PM
QU College of Engineering dean Dr Rashid Alammari.

Kindi Centre for Computing Research at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) recently held a workshop to discuss developments and solutions in the field of computer vision for healthcare applications.
Themed “Computer Vision for Healthcare Applications”, the event was organised in conjunction with the CENG department of computer science and engineering (CSE), and sponsored by Qatar National Research Fund. It provided CENG faculty and students with an opportunity to meet with experts and researchers and exchange experience and ideas on developments in computer-based healthcare research.
Attendees included CENG dean Dr Rashid Alammari, Kindi Centre for Computing Research director Prof Qutaiba Malluhi, CENG associate dean for development and industrial relations Dr Saud Ghani, CENG CSE department head Dr Summaya al-Maadeed, as well as representatives from industry and CENG faculty, students and staff.
Keynote speakers were Case Western Reserve University Centre for Computational Imaging and Personalised Diagnostics director, Prof Anant Madabhushi, and University of Sheffield department of mechanical engineering professor of biomedical image computing Prof Alejandro Frangi.

Kindi Centre for Computing Research director Prof Qutaiba Malluhi.

Their presentations were on “Quantitative Data Convergence: Integration of Radiology, Pathology, Omics Data for Predicting Disease Aggressiveness” and “Patient Outcome and Computational Medicine: Towards Integrated Management of Cerebral Aneurysms”.
Dr Alammari said, “Computing research is an important area of interest in Qatar and one of the areas of CENG’s research focus. This workshop reflects the wide range of research services that the college provides for users and healthcare organisations to develop and enhance the programmes they use.
“It also highlights the college’s contribution to advancing the healthcare sector in Qatar and its ongoing efforts towards the country’s health and welfare.”
Prof Malluhi said, “Kindi Centre for Computing Research is investing thoroughly in the healthcare applications to develop new programmes and solutions for this important field, which is developing progressively. In this context, this event reflects the centre’s mission to provide community and industry with new findings in computing research that meet the needs of users in their daily life.”

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