Hareem Al Sultan’s spin-off to premiere on January 3
December 27 2015 11:59 PM
ON DISPLAY: Inside the Harem Al Sultan exhibition that is running at Katara until January 10.

Anand Holla

While Qatar Museums, heeding to popular demand, extended the run of the spectacular Harem Al Sultan: the Exhibition, until January 10, the region’s leading pay-TV network OSN has now announced its exclusive broadcast and distribution rights of the much-anticipated series, Kosem Sultan, which will premiere on OSN Ya Hala HD on January 3.
As part of Qatar Turkey 2015 Year of Culture – a year marked by a host of events that underline cultural exchange between the two nations – the Harem Al Sultan exhibition has been winning hearts of thousands of visitors at the QM Gallery in Katara, ever since it opened in September.
Kosem Sultan is a spin-off of the popular Hareem Al Sultan series, which recorded the highest viewership among all Arabic and Turkish series since its premiere on OSN. The highly anticipated series is set in the early 17th century, 50 years after the death of Sultan Sulaiman in Hareem Al Sultan. Award-winning actress Beren Saat plays the role of Kosem Sultan, who is best known for her role in Ishq Mamnoua.
Khulud Abu Homos, Executive Vice President – Programming & Creative Services of OSN, said, “This is a momentous partnership that gives OSN exclusive rights to one of the most-talked about series of all time, further reinforcing our primary commitment as the leading entertainment platform. We provide the best of Arabic and Turkish series and movies the region has to offer, highlighted by the success of Hareem Al Sultan.”
She further pointed out that the attention to details and a compelling story-line make Kosem Sultan one of the most-awaited productions. “The show will be available with English subtitles owing to popular demand so everyone can enjoy this fantastic drama series,” she said.
Kosem Sultan, created by the makers of the acclaimed Hareem Al Sultan, was produced after a year and a half long period of preparations, meticulous work on every detail from décors and costumes to music. It disentangles the life of Kosem with years spent in key positions of the dynasty and the state, while shedding light on her personal side – the love, power struggles, great victories and overwhelming defeats.
Sample some of the interesting production details for Kosem Sultan: Aside from the 11,500 square metre indoor set, a giant city of 29,625 square metres was built in Had?mkoy; the city set includes mainly the Topkap? Palace, the two entrances of the palace, the Old Palace, Janissary Guild, caravanserai, harbour, coffee houses and Foreigners’ Bazaar. The era of Kosem Sultan will be relived in this almost real life like city set; the total length of materials used in the preparation of the costumes for Magnificent Century Kosem is 10 kilometres; and 3,000 actors were interviewed domestically and abroad during the casting.
Kosem Sultan earned a reputation for being the most dangerous and devious of the valide (mother) sultans (1623 to 1651) in the Ottoman Empire. Her long tenure lasted through the reigns of her sons, Murad IV and Ibrahim I, and her grandson, Mehmed IV. She is less known for her influence over governmental affairs and more for her intrigues in order to see that it was her sons who became sultans.
As for the Harem Al Sultan exhibition that’s underway at Katara until January 10, it “takes visitors on a journey through the palace of Harem Al Sultan to experience what it feels like to be living in an era of greatness and dangerous ambitions.” Thanks to its phenomenal success, the historical soap opera Magnificent Century (Hareem Al Sultan) has made its place in the television hall of fame.
Set on the life of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the Turkish series that was first broadcast in 2011 has now been watched by 300 million viewers in 54 countries. QM says, “This unique exhibition brings the costumes, sets and ambience of the series to Doha, revealing the stories behind the life of the Turkish conqueror and his love for the humble and beautiful Hurrem Sultan.”
The multimedia exhibition, which reveals a unique experience of life in the Palace, displays hyper-realistic statues of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Ibrahim Pasha of Parga, Hürrem Sultan, Mahidevran Sultan, and Bali Bey allows guests to get an up close and personal look at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating the iconic props and costumes that appeared throughout the famous series illustrating the life and times of Suleiman the Magnificent.

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