Qatar Charity (QC) has held a health camp for its sponsored orphans in Pakistan.
The camp provided medical examination and activities to raise awareness about hygiene and environmental cleanliness. Some 100 orphans benefited from the initiative, according to a statement.
The camp was organised by the QC office in Islamabad in co-ordination with Al-Islah Centre that takes in orphans sponsored by QC in Mardan city, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
It is one of the seven centres sponsored by QC in Pakistan to secure the orphans’ education, health and behaviour as well as to bring out and develop their talents and capabilities.
The medical examination was supervised by a team consisting of three doctors (a paediatrician, a general physician and an ENT specialist) and nurses. The team spent a whole day examining more than 100 orphans for weight, blood pressure, respiration, sensitivity and infectious and dermatological diseases.
The doctors also checked the orphans’ teeth, eyes and joints and secured the necessary medication. Al Islah Centre was instructed to refer the ones with diseases, which required external treatment, to nearby dispensaries for follow-up.
In addition to examination and treatment, the camp featured activities for raising awareness.
The doctors distributed leaflets that included general instructions about personal and general cleanliness within the shelter. They also stressed the importance of taking maximum care of personal hygiene, using detergents, taking several showers every week and exposing mattresses to sufficient ventilation.
Further, the camp saw the distribution of a hygiene kit to every orphan. Each bag contained soap bars, shampoo, a comb, clipper, towel, toothpaste and a toothbrush.
At the end of the health camp, the director of Al Islah Centre thanked the administration of the QC office in Pakistan and the main office in Qatar for providing the medical examination to the sponsored orphans.
QC provides for 3,870 orphans in Pakistan and Kashmir. The camp was part of a series of activities that QC carries out for its sponsored orphans in the seven shelters (internal departments), where 1,400 of the orphans live.

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