Indian embassy has received 4080 complaints at its Labour and Community Welfare section so far this year, the community house held on Friday was informed.

Last year the embassy had received 3943 complaints, it was told.

At the meeting it was informed that 90 Indian nationals are serving sentence at the Central Prison while 193 are awaiting tickets to travel home at the Deportation Centre.

It was also informed that so far this year 275 Indian nationals have died in Qatar. In 2014, a total of 279 Indians had died here. In December alone, 15 Indians died .

It was stressed by the officials at the meeting that the embassy accorded the highest priority to the well-being and welfare of Indian expatriates in Qatar and it works closely with the local authorities concerned towards this end.

On the basis of requests received from the Qatari authorities for travel documents for Indian nationals in the Deportation Centre, the embassy has issued 19 Emergency Certificates (ECs) in December. The embassy also issued 9 air tickets to Indian nationals in distress for their return to India in December, 2015.

Indian Community Benevolent Forum [ICBF] is stepping up its activities among the people in distress in the community through a range of welfare measures, including provision of air tickets, financial assistance and medical help. In December it issued air tickets to destitute workers besides financial assistance for a few others.

At the latest community house, not a single individual came to lodge complaints.

It has been informed that the ICBF will hold its free medical camp, in association with Aster Medicl Centre at the latter's premises in the Industrial Area on January 22.

It will be held between 7.30am and 1. 30 pm.

The medical camp will have active participation of the Indian Doctors Club (Indian Medical Association) as well. Any urgent consular or labour issues/cases of Indian nationals may also be conveyed to embassy officials present at the medical camp.