Kharaitiyat coach Amar Osim (left) and Qatar Sports Club coach Sebastiao Lazaroni during the pre-match press conferences.

By Sports Reporter/Doha

Qatar SC coach Sebastiao Lazaroni said his team will take to the field against 11th-placed Al Kharaitiyat with aim of bringing a positive ‘energy’ to the Al Wakrah pitch.
Placed 13th on the Qatar Stars League (QSL) points table, Qatar SC have revived dwindling hopes following a shock victory over El Jaish and a couple of feisty draws in the next two rounds.
“We are training hard. We are trying to do something better and start the second half of the league in a good way,” Lazaroni said on Saturday.
“Qatar have to show the quality inside the field which will give us the opportunity to get three points,” the former Brazil coach said.
“We are trying to get the players to go into this game with a lot of positive energy. Al Kharaitiyat have had a good result against Umm Salal. We have to play the best we can to have a chance at taking the victory. In the last game, we were down a goal but the players showed good character to come back and take a point,” he added.
Qatar SC have nine points, five of them picked up in the last three games.
“In our earlier matches, our midfield didn’t have a balance, didn’t have stability. Then we got back Mustafa Adel and he brought his experience into the game. When he came back after injury he brought stability in the game. Each player around him started to do better,” Lazaroni explained.
“If the team plays bad then we need more training. It’s necessary for the players to work hard daily to deserve an opportunity in the game. I told the players to challenge themselves, to make each day better than before,” he added.
“I am here to help Qatar stay away from relegation. But it’s necessary that the entire team works towards that - from management, coaching staff to the players. We need each one to give more than they can so that we can achieve this goal,” Lazaroni said.
Al Kharaitiyat coach Amar Osim said on Saturday Qatar SC have gained in confidence. “This is a game for six points. Qatar are a team that came back in a very nice way after a couple of big defeats. When a lot of people thought that they will sink completely, they reacted well and found the energy to come back,” Osim said.
“And now they haven’t lost in three games, and this is something that even we haven’t achieved this season. So when you look at the teams trying to avoid relegation, they are in a good space now,” Osim added.
“Maybe on Monday we can win and get two consecutive wins. This year we haven’t achieved that yet but that doesn’t mean that we won’t,” he said.
“The number of days off that they players can get will depend on the number of points we get by then. The players definitely need a break.
“They need some time when they can not look at our faces. Hopefully we will able to get some points and we can give the players a few more days off. We have told the players that. But when you are in a bad situation, then we have to train more, that’s how it works.”