Workers need wages  in time

Dear Sir,

This is in response to your article ‘WPS puts extra loads on banks’ (Gulf Times, December 7).
I sincerely believe that the Qatari Government should take action on those banks which are not ready to open WPS-linked accounts.
Most of the companies, particularly subcontracting companies, have been singing the same song for the past few years about not being paid from the main contractor in due time, which resulted in non-payment of wages to workers in due time. Our government has implemented this system to ensure that the workforce - the backbone of Qatar’s development - should be dealt with justice.
Even today some companies still hold one month’s salary and do not divulge the information to the authorities.
The issue is there even after the government has implemented this system. It’s painful to note that the workers are not reaping the benefits of the system because only a few banks are ready to open WPS-linked accounts.
It’s not entirely true that main contractors are not paying or there is no cash flow in Qatar.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Pay the labourer his wages before his sweat dries out!”

Sam Diabolo, [email protected]

Helping Chennai flood victims

Dear Sir,

It is heartening to note that out of several private and public sector banks in India only the public sector State Bank of India (SBI) and City Union Bank (CUB) have voluntarily come forward and donated funds for the relief of Chennai flood victims.
I wonder why other banks remain silent spectators. Banks should play a pivotal role not only when there is economic boom but also when there are natural disasters.
These banks should realise that they function and operate out of the money deposited by millions of people, mostly the common people.  
Besides contributing to the relief fund the banks should also explore other options like partial waiver of loans, postponement of instalment payments and waiver of interest for a specific period, etc.
I feel proud of the initiative taken by the two banks.

K Mahalingam, [email protected]

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