QNB has held a sign language training course, titled ‘Methods of Communicating with the Hearing Impaired – Sign Language, the Mother Tongue’, at Mathaf Tower as part of its ongoing activities to better serve people with special needs and the elderly.
The course was dedicated to increasing awareness of and improving services offered to people with hearing disabilities, with a focus on training 20 employees in sign language to facilitate their communication with hearing-impaired customers.
The course, which was organised by QNB’s Service Quality Department and delivered by Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, comprised eight modules targeted towards serving customers with hearing disabilities. It was attended by Customer Service and Service Quality heads, officers and staff.
The modules included an introduction into the types and causes of hearing disability, how to serve this type of customers and an introduction to sign language, where they were taught over 1,000 sign language words and expressions to facilitate communication.
“This training course comes as part of QNB’s initiatives aimed at improving the service offered to customers with special needs. The bank has exerted many efforts in this area to better serve these special types of customers, whom the bank has classified into categories based on disability to form a better understanding of how to offer exceptional service to each individual based on their needs,” according to a statement.
QNB’s efforts also include dedicating 17 branches to serving special needs customers, giving instructions to staff to serve them without need for a number, equipping branches with ramps and special desks, and always giving special attention to this special group of customers to ensure that they are served quickly and efficiently, the statement notes.
The special needs customers targeted by the ongoing initiatives also include the elderly. QNB aims to pay special attention to this group, giving them the care and respect they need and priority in service, in order to make sure they are comfortable, satisfied and provided with the respect and appreciation they deserve, the statement adds.

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