Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has announced the launch of the Warm Winter 2015-16 campaign.
Under the campaign, winter aid will be distributed to the poorest families and refugees in several countries.
This year, the scope of the campaign has been expanded to involve projects worth QR11mn, for more than 200,000 beneficiaries. The campaign will cover Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan, and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
Distributions will consist of winter clothes, electric heaters, tarpaulins, blankets, heating oil, schoolchildren’s jackets and other forms of vital assistance required in the coming winter months.
Other activities include installing thermal insulating sheets inside the tents of Syrians at Lebanon refugee camps and running workshops to help women generate income within Syria.
“This year, the target is QR11mn,  serving 36,000 families in Syria, 6,600 Syrian and Palestinian families in Lebanon, 2,200 Syrian families in Jordan, 5,100 Syrian and Iraqi families in Iraq, 900 families in Gaza and 1,650 families in Afghanistan,” said Dr Khaled Diab, director, QRCS.

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