Qatar to launch new healthcare framework
November 09 2015 11:44 PM

The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) will launch the nation’s very own healthcare framework for the development of the healthcare professionals in March 2016.
The National Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development Framework will continuously upgrade the abilities of Qatar’s healthcare to consistently provide patients with the best care possible. The framework will include an accreditation system for all healthcare practitioners across Qatar.
“The accreditation project, the accreditation department, and continuous medical education framework are among the many existing national health strategy projects. These projects are included in Qatar’s planning for the future,” said Dr Samar Aboulsoud, acting CEO of the QCHP and the manager of the Department of Accreditation and Health Profession Education.
The framework will apply a range of provisions unique to both Qatar and global healthcare. The QCHP has taken enormous strides towards offering a framework which will not only provide patients with care that addresses regional and cultural realities found only in Qatar, but also support the continued development of healthcare practitioners across the country.
Healthcare practitioners will not only find Qatar’s new framework helpful to their respective journeys but also incredibly flexible due to the manner with which its activities are offered. The framework has rejected the idea of enforcing any stringent sense of coursework for Qatar’s healthcare community, but is instead allowing its members to create a set of activities which are tailored to their specifications.
Workshops on new surgical techniques, training seminars relevant to updated practices for the nursing profession and attendance at medical conferences are all among a range of activities which will be eligible within the new framework.
The framework’s accreditation system is not only a tailored approach to continuous medical development but additionally exceptional for its embrace of inter-professional education. Unlike accreditation systems found elsewhere, Qatar’s development activities will not be divided between different professions within the medical field, making it unlike any framework in the world. This universal mandate ensures that doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists will be held to the same expectations.
The accreditation providers will be essential for supplying the activities as well as the unique offering of inter-professional education. By acting as the staging ground for the framework’s activities, the institutions will be instrumental in supporting healthcare practitioners.
The delicate balance which is necessary within providing adequate inter-professional development will be reinforced considerably by the accreditation providers participating in the framework’s processes.
“We are the first in the world to put this system in place, the first to have a comprehensive system consisting of a continuous professional development framework and the relevant requirements which apply equally to all practitioners. Patients are our focus, we want to make sure that we are providing the best care,” added Dr Aboulsoud.

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