By Sports Reporter/Doha

Aspire Academy hosted the first parent and teacher orientation meeting for the 2015-2016 academic year for the benefit of parents of students from all year grades on Wednesday. During the meeting, teachers and officials at the Academy explained how the students have been settling in and their progress to date in terms of their academic and athletic activities. A number of teachers, coaches and directors attended the event.
During the evening, various directors gave an overview of the programmes they are responsible for and the functions of their respective departments. They also answered questions from parents related to the students’ academic life during a panel discussion. Parents were given the opportunity to ask teachers questions about their son’s individual performance on a one-on-one basis during a reception after the event.
Commenting on the event, Dr Ahmad al-Amadi, a parent and Head of the Academy’s Advisory Council said: “Without doubt, Aspire Academy is always one step ahead in keeping parents up-to-date on how the students are performing. The response from parents this evening was extremely positive, and we had a number of very construction discussions during the meeting that indicate high levels of satisfaction with the Academy’s efforts in providing the best learning environment for students. We would like to thank the Academy for organising this meeting and we look forward to continuing this positive dialogue with them.”
Another parent, Mansour Moussa, said: “This is my son’s first year at the academy. We were all keen for him to take the opportunity to join and take advantage of all that the Academy has to offer, both in terms of a high-quality education and also the level of pastoral care provided to students. Following today’s meeting and my conversations with teachers, it is clear that all the positive things I had heard are absolutely true. I’m confident that every student here has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential at Aspire Academy.”
School principal Jassim Mohammed al-Jabir commented: “We are delighted to host our first parent orientation session this year. This is an important opportunity for parents to meet our teachers, coaches and directors to learn about how the students are settling in and adapting to life at Aspire Academy. This is the first of many parent-teacher meetings that we have planned for this year and we are firmly committed to working very closely with parents to support the academic and athletic development of our students.”
Several parents thanked the Academy for organising the meeting, explaining that such events offer them important opportunities to learn more about the students’ performance and to better understand the role they can plan in effectively supporting their academic and athletic development.
Aspire Academy regularly organises such meetings to provide opportunities to keep parents updated regarding the performance and progress of its students and the steps being taken in support of the Academy’s mission of developing Qatar’s future generation of elite athletes.

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