Abu Hamour, neighbourhood favoured by retailers
September 29 2015 09:00 PM
Al Ansar Gallery at Barwa Commercial Avenue
Al Ansar Gallery at Barwa Commercial Avenue


By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter

Abu Hamour is fast emerging as a destination of choice for retailers, with many setting up shop there and relocating from other parts of the city, it is learnt.

The spurt in retail activity is attributed to the opportunities presented by improved road connectivity and large-scale infrastructure development in and around the area.

Such is the optimism that many retailers see the area, where a number of companies and business outlets have launched operations over the past year or so, developing into a major commercial hub in the coming days.

Speaking to Gulf Times, representatives of some business groups with varied interests expressed hope that fast-improving road connectivity would encourage more commercial establishments and offices to set up shop in Abu Hamour and its adjoining areas.

They feel the completion of the F-Ring flyover over Industrial Area Road near Woqod fuel station, most likely by the first quarter of 2016, and the construction of new bridges to connect Barwa City, Karwa City and neighbouring areas on the eastern side of the road will help attract more retail businesses to the area in the next couple of years.

When Safari Mall opened four years ago, it was the first major retail initiative in the locality, with the rest of the area generally wearing a deserted look. However, sources said it was the arrival of Barwa Commercial Avenue that truly accelerated business expansion there. Another significant retail and entertainment destination is Asian Town, which lies on the eastern side of Industrial Area.

With the opening of several commercial outlets in the area, shoppers have started visiting the place in large numbers and the situation is expected to further improve.

Business operators and retailers are hopeful that the area’s growing accessibility in view of the expansion of Industrial Area Road and development of the new East-West corridor will bring more customers to the place.

However, some retailers are worried about rising commercial rents in the area. An automobile spare parts retailer, who has several outlets in the country, said this may act as a deterrent in the long run if adequate steps are not taken to prevent rents from spiralling further.

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