Qatar Charity Haj campaign takes off
September 18 2015 09:22 PM
A large number of people are expected to benefit from Qatar Charity's special projects as part of it
A large number of people are expected to benefit from Qatar Charity's special projects as part of its Haj campaign


Qatar Charity (QC) has inaugurated its campaign to implement several projects related to Haj.
These include projects for “performing a substitute Haj pilgrimage on behalf of others”, “feeding the Haj pilgrims” as well as “arranging special groups of Haj pilgrims”, with thousands of people benefiting in Africa, Asia and Europe.
QC is offering 1,500 opportunities for people to perform a “substitute Haj” at a total cost of QR5,700,000, or QR3,800 for each pilgrim. It will also offer 25,000 meals for Haj pilgrims in Makkah at a cost of QR25 per meal. Further, 16 Haj pilgrims from Albania, Palestine and the Comoros Islands will be provided with Haj at a cost of QR152,000.
Yousef bin Ahmed al-Kuwari, Qatar Charity’s CEO, said: “Qatar Charity continues the implementation of such activities for the third year in a row. We’re also happy to announce that we are adding a new project, which makes the wishes of those seeking to perform Hajj, but are unable to financially do so, come true. Qatar Charity will pay all the expenses for their Haj.”
Qatar Charity provides, through its project “performing a substitute Haj pilgrimage on behalf of others” an opportunity to the relatives of Muslims who are incapable of performing pilgrimage because they are ill, dead or due to any other reason. This pilgrimage is performed under the supervision of the partners of QC and undertaken by Ibn Othaymin Mosque in Makkah.
“Trustworthy learners perform the pilgrimage on behalf of those incapable. The donor receives an approved certificate of accomplishment from all authorities concerned to prove that the substitute fulfilled all rituals of the pilgrimage,” according to a statement.
QC is also implementing – for the third year in a row – its project of feeding the pilgrims. “It gives a chance to all philanthropists to serve pilgrims of the sanctified House of Allah by providing different meals to them during the season of pilgrimage this year,” the statement adds.
The food costs QR25 per meal and each donor is free to donate for as many pilgrims as he wishes.
Donation for these projects can be made via the QC website,, at collection points across the country and through the hotline, 44667711.
Customers of Vodafone and Ooredoo can also donate for the project, “feeding the pilgrims”, by sending an SMS containing the letter J to the following numbers: 92133 for donations of QR25, 92632 for donations of QR50 and 92642 for donations of QR100.
QC has also inaugurated the Udhiyya campaign – “your sacrifice, their Eid”. The objective is to provide 27,921 sacrifices of cows and sheep in 54 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe at a cost of QR13,650,000.
Last year, QC facilitated the substitute Haj on behalf of 854 people at a total cost of QR3,200,000. It also distributed more than 23,400 meals to the pilgrims as part of the “feeding the pilgrims” project at a cost of QR585,000.

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