Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) will launch this week “Her Majlis,” an exhibition exploring Qatari women’s opinions and gathering spaces. The project seeks to better understand the drivers and obstacles of Qatari women’s engagement in society by exploring how they participate in civil society, including in
traditional gatherings.
“Her Majlis” is now open to the public until October 8 at the Art Gallery of Hamad bin Khalifa University Student Centre. An official opening reception will be held tomorrow. This includes the opportunity to discuss the research with both female students and faculty.
The museum exhibition was created by a team of faculty and student researchers, funded by a Qatar National Research Fund grant. The undergraduate students, most of whom are Qatari women, undertook the research project entitled “Qatari Women: Engagement and Empowerment.”
It aims to inform the government and society of ways to personally and professionally support women, as part of the wider national goal of transitioning Qatar to an economy built upon knowledge and human
“Her Majlis” is the result of tireless dedication, work, and collaboration by faculty, staff and students in Education City,” said Everette E Dennis, dean and CEO of NU-Q. “This remarkable research challenges misconceptions about female repression or exclusion within society, dispelling negative stereotypes, particularly the role of women portrayed in international media coverage of the Middle East.”
The findings on display have been collected from a range of sources, including student ethnographic research in women’s majlis gatherings, student-produced photography and films, and opinions of Qatari women gleaned from original surveys, written by faculty and students, and professionally conducted by Qatar University’s Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI).
The project has been led and supervised by NU-Q faculty including Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, assistant professor in residence, Liberal Arts Programme and Kirsten Pike, assistant professor in residence, communication programme, as well as Christina Paschyn, lecturer in Journalism and Tanya Kane, former adjunct lecturer, Liberal Arts Programme at NU-Q. Sadia Mir, assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and Dr Justin Gengler, research programme manager at SESRI. Qatar University also played key roles as part of the university faculty grant team.

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