Registration is open for a variety of evening language classes offered by the Language Centre of Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII).
The 40-hour programmes, which provide instruction in Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish, are spread across 13 weeks and are delivered two evenings per week – either on Sundays and Tuesdays or on Mondays and Wednesdays – at TII’s facilities within Education City.
New classes for the autumn season start on September 27 and run through to December 16 this year. Since its establishment in 2012, TII has offered language courses at a variety of proficiency levels. New students other than those at beginner level are offered a free placement test, either at the institute or online, in order to establish their proficiency level.
On all courses, textbook study is complemented with audio and visual resources, engaging classroom discussion and an emphasis on social exchange and conversation.
All language classes balance reading, writing, listening and speaking in the target language. Arabic courses in particular highlight the importance of understanding key aspects of Arabic culture and developing confidence in speaking with native speakers.
All students are offered access to the TII’s library, where a number of electronic and print resources are available to complement study. Course expectations and workload differs based on language and level. Group projects and class social gatherings offer students the opportunity to get to know their peers by collaborating with and supporting one another.
Maryam al-Semaitt, a student of Spanish, said studying at TII has allowed her to learn more about the Spanish language and culture with a group of multicultural students.
“I like that our teacher builds the confidence of students, encourages our participation in the classroom and ensures that we are all provided with equal learning opportunities.”
Mounir Ouanaimi, director of TII’s Language Centre, observed: “I’ve seen TII’s language offerings grow over the years, not only in the number of languages, but also in enrolment numbers.
The Language Centre’s emphasis on building real-life communicative skills and preparing students for situational and interactive conversations differentiates it from other language instruction programmes and helps build learners’ confidence in speaking in a new language, both in and out of the classroom.
Due to space restrictions, those interested in enrolling in a class are encouraged to register early, with registrations closing on September 17.
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