The initiative includes the opening of schools to teach Arabic and the Holy Qur’an. Right: Qatar Charity is keen to develop cultural and educational centres.

Qatar Charity (QC) has announced the launch of its Ghaith (rain) initiative to serve Islamic projects worldwide.
The initiative, which is supervised by Qatari Islamic preacher Dr Ahmed al-Hammadi, is part of QC’s efforts to expand charity work and develop cultural and educational centres, according to a statement.
It is also considered as a continuation of projects developed and supported by QC in the past and supervised by Dr al-Hammadi.
The initiative aims to introduce the Islamic culture and strengthen its presence in Western communities in particular and the world in general, the statement notes, adding: “It also seeks to sustain the economic resources of Islamic educational and cultural organisations, marketing its programmes professionally and implementing various initiatives to keep pace with upcoming developments.”
While the initiative has been officially launched this year, its origins go back 15 years. It operates in more than 50 countries worldwide through the establishment of Islamic centres that spread the Islamic sciences, studies and culture in the Western countries, the statement points out.  
Among its priorities, the Ghaith initiative aspires to be the “first patron that empowers Islamic culture in the West”. It also seeks to effectively manage and develop all available resources allocated for Islamic educational and cultural programmes and projects.
To that end, methods aimed at achieving excellence, leadership, transparency, sustainability and credibility have been employed.
The initiative covers places such as France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Brazil, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and Hungary.
A number of Islamic projects have been implemented in Europe this year.
These include the opening of Islamic schools in France, Milano Sesto Islamic Centre in Italy, Ibn Sina Islamic and Cultural Centre in France, Da’wah, Media and Islamic Services Centre in Germany, Al Noor Centre for Introducing Islam in France and Al Noor Centre in the Alsace-Mulhouse region of France.
The name Ghaith refers to abundant rain, which brings relief to people.
Dr al-Hammadi has volunteered for charity and humanitarian work with QC, Islamic Da’wah Organisation and other agencies. He is a member of QC’s general assembly and the general superviser of Islamic centres, schools and universities around the world.

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