Southern Resistance fighters react as they prepare to go to the frontline of
fighting against Houthis in Yemen's southern port city of Aden July 16, 2015.


At least 43 civilians were killed Sunday in rebel bombing of Yemen's second city of Aden, where Saudi-backed pro-government forces have advanced against the Shia insurgents, a health official said.
More than 100 others were wounded in the bombing of the Dar Saad neighbourhood in the north of the port city, said local health chief Al-Khader Laswar.
Backed by air support from Saudi-led warplanes and troops freshly trained in the neighbouring kingdom, forces loyal to exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi have managed wrest back control of most of the port city.
Two ministers of the exiled government returned to Aden this weekend, shortly after Prime Minister Khaled Bahah heralded its "liberation", four months after the Iran-backed Shia Houthi rebels entered the city.