Pearl image shines in Gulf Times Instagram Contest
July 15 2015 08:23 PM
The winning picture with (inset) Emile Hendrik
The winning picture with (inset) Emile Hendrik


Canadian expat Emile Hendrik, 47, is the winner of Gulf Times Instagram Contest-VI.

The stunning aerial view of Pearl Qatar was the most liked among the 20 pictures included in the contest.

Hendrik, a professional pilot who has so far logged 17,000 hours of flying time, took the picture while leaving Qatar on a holiday trip.

“The day I took this photo I was leaving Qatar on a personal holiday and as I looked out the window with my usual enthusiastic amazement, I saw this great photo opportunity as well as many others that day,” he says.

Hendrik loves to share unforgettable things he sees while travelling and has won a few accolades for photos published in travel/ adventure magazines.

Flying airplanes since 1986, Hendrik has been a resident of Qatar since February 2003.


Contest VII


The 7th competition in the series starts today. Send in your photos shot in Qatar to [email protected]

Selected pictures will be posted on the Gulf Times Instagram account, with the name of the photographer mentioned.

The picture that gets the maximum number of likes and comments during a seven day period will be declared the winner.

A like will get the picture one mark and a comment will fetch 2 marks.

The winning picture will be published in the Gulf Times print edition as well as on the web edition of Gulf Times, along with a short bio of the photographer.

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