Ooredoo has announced a new Hala offer that will give customers a range of bonuses during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid.
Customers will enjoy 20 bonus international minutes, 2GB mobile Internet and unlimited local calls to Ooredoo mobiles and landlines for one day when they top up by QR100
or more.
The promotion will run throughout Ramadan and Eid. Bonus minutes and data will be valid until midnight the next day from the time of top-up.
Additionally, customers will receive their standard full credit and bonus minutes for topping up with QR100 or more.
This is the first of a host of promotions Ooredoo will launch to mark Ramadan so that customers can connect and share their joy with family and friends in Qatar and also abroad.
This year, Ooredoo’s Ramadan campaign will come with the message “the best time to share our best” supported by a series of promotions, community activities and charitable works.
Alrabaa will be at the centre of this year’s Ramadan activities again, delighting families with a full month’s calendar of activities to give back to the community including hospital visits, children’s mall activities and more.

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