Penal centres ‘hailed by human rights groups’
May 31 2015 11:53 PM
Brigadier Abdullah Saqr al-Muhannadi
Brigadier Abdullah Saqr al-Muhannadi

Penal institutions in Qatar have implemented relevant international standards and earned the praise of international human rights organisations, a senior official has said. In an interview published yesterday by local Arabic daily Arrayah, Brigadier Abdullah Saqr al-Muhannadi, director of the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), explained that the department conducts semi-weekly visits to these places to ensure that all global standards are maintained pertaining to the human rights of inmates. These comprise sudden visits as well as those which are pre-planned. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have held that Qatar’s penal institutions apply the best standards in terms of the human rights of inmates, it was observed. The department has printed a booklet on the standards that need to be maintained at such institutions. The booklet has accordingly been distributed in all the departments concerned at the MoI , including detention centres.  Brigadier al-Muhannadi stressed that the MoI is keen to improve the performance of its staff, particularly those who are in direct contact with the public, and to ensure proper manners in dealing with different people. He considered this as an integral part of the work of the Human Rights Department.  Due to the positive conduct of policemen in the country, they are highly respected by both nationals and expatriates, it was pointed out. The senior official also said Qatar has been free of any cases of trafficking in humans due to its sincere and continuous efforts in this respect.



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