Sri Lankan motorist gets jail for reckless driving
May 04 2015 12:10 AM

A Criminal Court in Doha has awarded a six-month jail sentence to a Sri Lankan expatriate motorist for his reckless driving, which caused the death of a GCC citizen and injury to some others, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.
The court also sought suspension of his driving licence for three months. The convict should also pay QR200,000 as blood money, jointly with the insurance company, to the legal heirs of the person killed in the accident.
According to the daily, the accident happened on Salwa Road. The convict was driving his vehicle in a reckless manner when one of the tyres burst, causing him to lose control over his vehicle, which crashed into a car parked beside the road.
In the impact of the crash, the car overturned many times, causing the death of the GCC citizen who did not have a valid driving licence. The occupants of the vehicle sustained injuries.
During investigation, the convict admitted to his guilt and losing control of the vehicle because of the tyre burst, the daily added.

Suspended prison sentence for trio

A Criminal Court has awarded a three-year suspended jail sentence to three Nepalese expatriates involved in a theft, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.
One of the three convicts conspired with the two others to steal some movable goods from the company where they worked. Accordingly, two of them went to the company in the evening after their duty hours and pretended as if they were planning to buy goods, estimated to be worth QR2,025.
The third person, who was responsible for the sales, allowed the duo to make the purchase without paying for it. While the convicts admitted their crime, the complainant relinquished his demands and dropped the case altogether. However, the court sentenced the accused and ordered that they be deported for their involvement in the crime.

Science Majlis from Wednesday

Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), a research and development entity under Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), will host its second Science Majlis on Wednesday.
The event will raise and attempt to answer the questions: ‘Is Qatar a water-secure country? Given that 99% of the water used in Qatar is desalinated seawater, how much do we know about the current desalination technologies, associated risks and costs? Are there any innovative ways to mitigate risks and ensure sustainable water supply?
The monthly event is designed to engage members of the community, who may not traditionally attend scientific events. Topics include renewable energy, water, environment and technology in a social context.
The Science Majlis supports QF’s mission and approach in contributing towards Qatar’s priorities to ensure the sustainable development and management of energy that will benefit the country and rest of the world.

Insurer begins SMS setvice for Seha
The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) has launched short messaging service (SMS) for Seha members.
An SMS will be sent to member visiting any of the Seha service providers to verify that his or her medical request has been received successfully.
This service is to build up on “Be Our Eyes Campaign” launched in February to check fraud or abuse. The SMS is considered to be one of the tools to detect such activity. In case the receiver of the SMS did not visit any medical facility, he or she should report immediately to the customer service call centre.
NHIC is keen to implement services to enhance the quality of health services provided to Seha members and to protect their rights.

Yemeni FM praises Qatar’s support
Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyad Yassin praised the reaffirmation of support by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al -Thani to Yemen’s legitimate government.
In an exclusive interview with Al-Sharq newspaper, Yassin hailed Qatar’s positive role in trying to resolve the problems of the Yemeni people, notably the Emir’s reassurance to Yemen’s Vice-President and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah that Qatar will work to rehabilitate and reconstruct Yemen so that it becomes an active member in the GCC.
The Yemeni foreign minister also praised Qatar’s role at the United Nations, spearheaded by the country’s Permanent Representative Sheikha Alya bint Ahmed bin Saif al-Thani, who explained to the international community the actual situation in Yemen and dispelled the perception that it was a conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims or a revolution as claimed by the Houthis.
Yassin noted that his meeting with HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah focused on support provided by Qatar.

West End Park to be known as Asian Town
West End Park, the entertainment and shopping hub close to the Industrial Area, has been renamed Asian Town.
It is the first such facility in the country to be dedicated to expatriate workers, according to a statement.
The sprawling complex attracts a huge number of expatriate labourers, especially during weekends, as well as families. It has a big shopping centre, cinema halls, a cricket stadium, an amphitheatre, auditoriums and eateries.
A spokesman of Ibin Ajayan Projects, which has been running the facility since December last year, said the name change was intended to reflect the actual purpose of the facility. He said Asian Town was the original name suggested by the authorities for the facility, which has been designed as an affordable shopping and entertainment hub for expatriate workers.
With a new name and logo, visitors can also expect more activities, with many new facilities to go operational very soon, the statement adds.
A new shopping centre - Plaza Mall - will become functional this month, with a number shops offering a wide range of products.

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