The unveiling of the design for Al Rayyan Stadium, the fifth proposed host venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, was also used as an occasion by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) to promote their local engagement programme – Jeeran.    
The SC is looking at this community engagement programme as a means to reach out to a wide range of people with the aim of encouraging them to be a part of Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 World Cup. The SC believes that delivering a successful and amazing World Cup, one that will leave a lasting legacy requires the support and input of the community.    
“We confirm once again that the Supreme Committee and its partners and the different state institutions are keen on communicating always with our brothers and sisters here in Al Rayyan and in Qatar in general, especially the areas that house the World Cup related projects through our programme Jeeran.  
“This communication programme aims at being in touch with all the categories of our society in order for them to participate in the preparation to host the World Cup 2022 so that we can benefit later on from the legacy left for our country and our region as of today,” said Hassan al-Thawadi, secretary general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, yesterday during the stadium unveil.
“It was a necessity for a young nation to prove its worth on the international scene. The success of our country Qatar to host the World Cup here in the Middle East is a showcase of the confidence rooted deeply in us by our grandfathers. We know that there are no limits to the capacity of the human being when there is work and effort,” al-Thawadi added.
The SC plans to use the Jeeran’s communication channels to provide a platform to hear the community’s thoughts and ideas about its projects. There are plans in place to visit neighbourhoods with roadshows, events and other activities.  
The current community engagement projects include the Jeeran Youth Panel which is a dedicated group of 35 community youth leaders of 17 nationalities who are passionate about the 2022 FIFA World Cup and its impact on Qatar and the region.
There will be school art workshops for elementary and secondary schools where young people develop their own masterpieces from a studio in Katara, using their neighbourhood’s hosting of the World Cup for inspiration. There are many more activities and programmes that will be used to increase the community engagement.  
“We have taken many steps so far when it comes to turning the dream of hosting the first World Cup in the Middle East into a reality. There are seven years still to come before we will reach the fruits of our work. Today and now is the time of effort, patience and serious work in order to make sure that our country will organise an exceptional tournament that will leave a sustainable legacy for our region,” al-Thawadi signed off.

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