The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced that it is offering a licence to set up a comprehensive poultry project to produce 40,000 tonnes of poultry meat and 7,500 tonnes of eggs annually.
The licence is being offered jointly by the MEC technical committee, to encourage private investment, and the Ministry of Environment.
The target is to achieve the production capacity within 24 months of implementation.
A space of 5.7sqkm has been assigned for the project and its facilities, according to a proposed plan for the first agriculture and food complex in the country in Markhiya (south).
Facilities at the project will include a meat-producing chicken farm (4.5sqkm), an egg-laying farm (1sqkm), hatching facilities (0.02sqkm), a fodder mill (0.09sqkm) and a slaughterhouse and food processing facility (0.08sqkm).

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