A Mowasalat employee urges passengers at the Central Bus Station in Doha to stay away from the barriers, shortly after the accident. PICTURE: Najeer Feroke.


Six male expatriates were injured on Friday afternoon at the Central Bus Station in Doha's Al-Ghanim area when a Mowasalat bus driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into barriers which in turn hit the waiting passengers.

Several witnesses told Gulf Times that the accident took place around 4pm when the bus station was crowded as it is every Friday afternoon with many passengers.

"Most of the injured suffered fractures in their legs," said a superintendent at the bus station.

A securityman, who also saw the accident, said the bus driver was arrested by the police and ambulances came quickly to the scene of the accident and carried the injured to the hospital.

Bus 29, believed to be the vehicle involved in the accident, had suffered damages to its front part. The securityman said the bus will be towed to the company parking area and impounded for further investigations by the police to determine the cause of the accident.

Immediately after the accident, a number of Mowasalat staff and supervisors spread across the bus station to ensure passengers waited at a safe distance.

Four expatriates were killed and two others seriously injured when a public transport bus rammed into a group of waiting passengers at the bus station on December 12 last year.

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