Call for feasibility study on ‘Al Ruwais’ impact on Doha Port operations
January 13 2015 10:01 PM

By Peter Alagos/Business Reporter

A feasibility study can establish how the recently launched Al Ruwais Development Project complements the operations of Doha

Port, a freight company executive has said.
“We have to study what are the activities there and the kinds of services that are being provided. Based on that, we can

determine how everyone can benefit from these developments. Everything is possible,” suggested Aerofreight senior manager Babu

Earlier, HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani launched Al Ruwais Port

development project in Al Shamal.
The first phase of operations, however, has started on January 1, according to the Marine Department at the Ministry of

Thomas noted that the development project does not complement container operations at Doha Port due to proximity factors.
“Since we are not located in that region, it is not economically viable for our operations. But of course, if there will be some

developments there (Al Shamal) in future, it will help people doing business there once the area is fully-developed.
“The Al Ruwais Port development project stems from government decision. As a service industry, we are running our operations from

here (Doha Port) and it all depends on our closeness to the ports area, otherwise it is not economically viable for us,” Thomas

During the Prime Minister’s visit and tour of Al Ruwais, Qatar Ports Management CEO Abdulla al-Khanji said construction work was

being carried out over three phases.
Al-Khanji explained that the first phase will be initially dedicated to wooden ships, supply vessels and services while the

second phase will focus on commercial port operations by 2016.
The official added that Al Ruwais Port will serve as Qatar’s northern gate to the world and a commercial outlet along with Doha

According to the authorities concerned, the development plan for Al Ruwais port aims to ease the entry and exit of ships, cargo

and travellers to boost export and import trade, including other forms of commercial operations.
The development project included deepening the navigation channel to 5 metres, the establishment of marine basins at depth of

7mts, the creation of six quays at a total length of 1,414mts to receive commercial vessels.  
While many see the project as a welcome development, operators at Doha Port revealed that most of them are looking forward to the

completion of the New Doha Port in Al Wakrah.
“Doha Port is always congested for the lack of space,” said one source.
He added the port has only about 25,000sq m for storage area, which was not enough for inbound and outbound containers.

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