Qatar plans to implement modern statistics system
December 29 2014 10:52 PM

HE Dr al-Nabit stressed the importance of statistics in national development efforts.


Qatar is looking forward to implement a modern statistics system that responds to the needs of local and international users for information and data necessary for framing strategies and monitoring development, HE the Minister of Development Planning and Statistics Dr Saleh bin Mohamed al-Nabit stressed yesterday.

Addressing the gathering at a Qatar Statistics Day celebration held by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS), he pointed out that this would provide opportunities to produce reliable, specialised data that could be used in setting targets for the required sustainable development.

Further, he said the MDPS has started preparatory works for implementing a simplified population census for the period “falling between the 2010 census and 2020 census” in co-operation with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning.

“From this census, we want to update some of the basic statistical variables in the field of planning for national development and the construction plan of the country,” he added.

The Qatar Statistics Day ceremony was also attended by the director-general of the GCC Statistics Centre, Saber al-Harbi, and co-ordinators representing various local entities.

HE Dr al-Nabit said MDPS is currently working with a number of ministries and government departments to implement a major project to establish an e-link between itself and other government entities. The MDPS would collect information from administrative sources in an accurate and speedy manner, it was observed.

HE the Minister gave a brief roundup of the ministry’s achievements and publications in its short history.

Meanwhile, al-Harbi stressed the achievements of Qatar in the field of modern statistics and expressed confidence that the country would lead GCC development, particularly in areas where it has witnessed remarkable development.

During the event, senior officials of MDPS highlighted the outcome of co-operation between the ministry and other agencies, including the network among stakeholders, the vital role of statistics in supporting national development and the importance of connecting statistics to future plans in Qatar.

On the occasion, the MDPS honoured several government agencies and stakeholders in recognition of their contribution as well as media representatives for their role in raising public awareness and press coverage.


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