The last one week has been exceptionally good for customers looking for fish. A view from the main Doha Central Market

By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter

The fishing activities in Qatar, hit adversely over the last few days on account of strong winds and high waves, have resumed in full swing. A large number of boats, berthed along the main fishing harbours, travelled out in the early hours yesterday taking advantage of the good weather.
Inquiries made at different locations revealed that more than two-third of the boats, berthed for the last three days, left the harbours of Ruweis, Al Khor, and Wakrah to resume their routine.
A number of fishing vessels may make one more journey to the outer sea after returning to the respective harbours in a couple of days, before the weather takes a colder and windier turn, it is understood.
The strong winds and high waves period over the last few days also coincided with Christmas when an overwhelming majority of the fishermen were away from work. A large number of fishermen working in Qatar are from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. A majority of them are Christians.
The clear sea seen these days, according to fishermen, will facilitate better catch and prices may continue to fall at least for the next one week, thanks to the large stocks available with most suppliers.
Senior members of the fishermen groups told Gulf Times yesterday that the better catch during the period was no surprise to any of them and such good availability of fish would continue to make it cheaper in the next few days.
The last week has been exceptionally good not only for the customers of the small variety of King fish, the price of which varied mostly between QR9 and QR13/kilo at most retail outlets, but also for most other varieties of fish.
"In recent years this has been the best week ever for the customers of King fish," said a senior member of one of the Indian groups of fishermen, operating from Wakrah.
If the weather conditions remain good for at least the next three or four days most of the fishermen who ventured out for duties yesterday will remain active in the outer sea during the period.
From the beginning of the New Year, the weather is expected to be colder with strong winds, forcing the fishermen to stay at the harbours. This would result in an escalation of fish prices as supplies dwindle, sources added.

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