The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has backed the workplace diabetes screening campaign launched by Action on Diabetes (AoD).

More than 600 employees of the organisation were screened for diabetes in the AoD screening bus recently.

The workplace screening campaign benefits both individuals and companies looking to ensure the wellbeing of their staff, with all the screened receiving a personalised analysis of results and recommendations to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The AoD bespoke screening bus was positioned outside Al-Bidda Tower where the SC is based, to check visitors for diabetes with a variety of screening tests. 

Assessments included blood pressure testing, body mass index testing and cholesterol testing. The results were analysed through one-on-one consultations, where diabetes educators gave advice to patients on lifestyle changes that will help lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

In the past two weeks the screening bus, funded by Maersk Oil Qatar, has travelled from a successful World Diabetes Day event at Katara, where 650 people were tested for the condition, to Qatari Diar in Lusail where 400 employees were tested. The bespoke vehicle is the only one of its kind in Qatar and is fitted with a range of testing equipment to allow analysis of random blood glucose, HBA1C, cholesterol, BMI and blood pressure.

Mohamed al-Marzouqi, administration executive director of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, said: “Over the last week, the AoD bus has screened more than 600 of our employees, which is a great achievement. At SC, ensuring the best quality of health of our employees is of great importance to us. We are delighted that AoD has helped to raise awareness amongst our staff of diabetes, its risks, signs, complications and how to manage the condition.”

Dr Badria al-Malki, public health specialist at the Supreme Council of Health, said: “We applaud our partner, AoD for their continued efforts in helping to raise awareness of diabetes in Qatar. The Supreme Council of Health’s mission is to achieve a health service that is world class, in terms of both treating and preventing health problems, to develop Qatar as a globally recognised centre of health, and these types of initiatives help to do just that.”


Officials of AoD and SC pose for a photo.


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