The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) has provided two mobile numbers for people to contact the council in case they suspect any food poisoning.

People can contact the council if any case of food contamination is suspected on the numbers 66740948 or 66740951. A team from SCH will immediately visit the affected people and provide necessary medical assistance.

This will be followed by further investigation for the cause of food poison and a detailed analysis will be made to confirm the incidence.

An inspection team will be sent to the food establishments to investigate and take samples of the food. The food samples will be tested in the laboratories.

SCH has already intensified the monitoring and inspection of restaurants to ensure the quality of food items by taking samples from all the restaurants.

According to SCH, there will be periodical inspections of people handling food in the restaurants. People who are found handling food in an unhygienic manner will be dismissed from their jobs immediately.

The SCH is planning to launch awareness campaigns about food contamination by organising workshops and seminars. SCH is currently providing necessary guidance and instructions for the food inspectors to carry out their jobs.

A statement issued by SCH on Sunday emphasised that safety of food is a joint responsibility and concern of food importers, traders, restaurants and consumers.

SCH has also underlined the importance of the role of restaurants in providing quality food through proper storage, preparation and display.

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