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November 12 2014 01:10 AM
MAKING IT FUN: Mawi Florida
MAKING IT FUN: Mawi Florida

Theme parties are a rising trend, especially in Doha where a large

population is made up of expatriates. Mawi Florida, Creative Director of

Qatar Party Solutions (QPS), believes that partying and meeting to share the

joy is essential to have a good work-life balance, writes Shalinee Bhardwaj

If you are able to see the moon till six in the morning and feel cool as you walk down the street; it’s time to shout ‘celebration’ and step into the basking beauty of the glorious winter in Doha!

The much awaited ‘good weather’ is finally knocking at the door. The neighbourhood is getting its colour back; greens are looking greener and roads more colourful with all the budding blooms. So shouldn’t we think party and cheer up with good times?

Meeting with friends and family to celebrate has been a practice as old as civilisation itself. However, adding a flavour to these meetings peps up the party scene like nothing does!  Mawi Florida, Creative Director of Qatar Party Solutions (QPS), tells us how her team perks up the place and occasion, turning it into a totally unforgettable experience for the guests.

“Whenever I start on planning a party, I pay great attention to the specific needs of the customer — what is the occasion and what are the interests of the people involved. Their preferences vary but each is assured with a personalised touch and unique creativity. Budget plays a vital role, too, depending on the magnitude of the event”, Mawi informs, “We take the simplest of parties with the same interest and enthusiasm as any other party on a larger scale that we have organised for the respectable royal families and for Corporates like Shell, QAFCO, Schlumberger, Qatar Foundation, Grand Heritage Hotel, Digitek, to name a few”.

Parties change form from time to time — from a simple gathering of a few friends on tea and snack to currently much in demand ‘Theme parties’. But they all remain unaltered in their spirit of merriment. For Mawi, too, the beginnings of her business find root in her need to party, “It all started while I was looking to celebrate my daughters seventh birthday in Doha in 2011. I couldn’t find many options or resources around. I had the need and also a passion for creativity; so I decided to put them together and started to organise customised parties myself along with our team.”

“In December this year we are planning a soft opening of our showroom that will be a one-stop shop for all your party needs. It would be that one place to visit if you are thinking party!” she remarks excitedly.

Theme parties are a rising trend, especially in Doha where a large population is made up of expatriates. Parties, as we know, are an outlet for people to have fun and be together with family. Mawi believes that “partying and meeting to share the joy is essential to have a good work-life balance when you are away from your relatives and the larger family back home.”

Amazingly, birthday parties have come a long way from a simple ‘holding the balloon’ concept to being thematic. “Theme parties definitely add vibrancy to the whole ambience. Bare spaces can be turned into our unique version of Disneyland or an Outer Space scene,” she is quick to respond, “Possibilities are immense!”

Mawi and her team are credited with work on several themes such as Princesses, Pirates, Mickey Mouse, Fairies and non-character subjects like Candies, Pop Star, Artsy, etc. for the kids.

“A unique theme we did was the ‘Hot Wheels’ where the venue was converted into a racing track with tyres all around, flags, fog machine, and what have you. It was a real hit with the kids. One of the first themes we did was the ‘Arts & Crafts’ party that is still very popular, now with a whole lot of variations.” 

Adults are definitely not behind when it comes to theme parties. Mawi has organised themes such as Hollywood, Retro/Vintage, Luau, Disco and Amazing Race back-to-back Survivor Challenge parties as well for the grownups.

Birthday fanfare is always very special to the kids. Besides theme parties as organised by Mawi and her team, theme parks such as Jungle Zone in Hyatt Plaza, Gondolania at Villaggio, Ray’s Reef at The Royal Plaza and Circusland at Landmark are other possible choices. A birthday party at McDonald’s is an all time favourite, sweet fun and economical, but they are a busy option. Café Ceramique at The Mall adds an arty twist to the birthday bash by letting the kids make a ceramic object of their choice.

The city abounds in venues and ways to celebrate. So, if theme parties do not follow your celebrating mood, try cruising around in brag worthy Hummer stretched limousine! Victoria Real Estate and Car rental located behind The Mall lends out these swanky limos that can accommodate 12-15 people at a time.

And, just in case, you don’t want to hit the road to cheer up, try flexing your muscles in the energetic 32 bowling lanes of the sprawling Qatar Bowling Centre. It is also equipped with Billiard/ Snooker/ Table Tennis Hall and a restaurant.

Winter shoves the way for outdoor entertainment and so is the case with parties. There’s nothing more exciting or soothing than sailing the blue waters of the sea with your loved ones and visiting the ethereal islands. The traditional Dhow Cruise is a memorable way to celebrate togetherness. Equally unique is to go camping in the Desert Safari. Here the ‘party’ takes on a mellow and more relaxed form where you can be one with nature and its bountiful beauty that surrounds the State of Qatar.

While looking at ways to get together, can the simplicity and coziness of ‘picnics’ be left behind? The smell of grass, cool shade of trees and the taste of sandwich and chips mingled in the laughter of playful kids is a bliss to any group of families getting together. Parks such as Aspire Zone Park, MIA Park and Rumeilah Park are quite a rendezvous for family fun. At Sheikh Faisal Museum grounds, you can also spend the day in the company of Oryx and horses while on your little picnic.

The ways to spell fun and togetherness varies from person to person. Healthy partying is identified as a stress buster by social psychologists. It is the people and their feelings towards each other that make a party happen; venue adds the necessary zest.

Even though the above mentioned are not exhaustive, they can almost fill a sack for this season. Looks like it’s time to set the mood and let the party roll!




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