Aspetar has announced a three-year collaboration platform with the MuscleTech Network in the area of medical research and clinical practices for the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

The MuscleTech Network is an annual workshop initiated by Leitat Technological Centre and FC Barcelona Foundation to focus on the scientific research on muscles and tendons.

Through this collaboration, Aspetar will be part of the organising committee and have an active role in the preparation of the sixth, seventh and eighth MuscleTech Network workshops with the aim of sharing knowledge and results in medical research and their application to clinical practices.

Dr Khalifa al-Kuwari, director-general of Aspetar, said: “During the sixth edition of the MuscleTech Network workshop, which will be held on October 13 and 14 at Auditorium 1899, FC Barcelona, Aspetar experts will share knowledge and latest global innovations, showing their expertise focusing on research and prevention of hamstring injuries in line with our objectives to form collaborative relationships with hospitals, universities and research centres in sports science.”

Commenting on the Aspetar collaboration, Dr Hakim Chalabi, assistant director-general for International Medical Affairs and Programmes & Centres of Excellence, said: “We have noticed a remarkable rise in hamstring injuries during the past few years and it’s one of the most frequent injuries in sports. We will share Aspetar research and prevention knowledge across disciplines to innovate and improve treatments in a way that could benefit sports and all communities.”

The two-day workshop will be attended by globally renowned researchers, including Aspetar experts, to analyse, explore and reveal new ways of enhancing co-operation between groups of hospitals and universities’ research centres.

Dr Cristiano Eirale, as associate executive director of the National Sports Medicine Programme at Aspetar, will give a lecture on “Epidemiology of hamstring injuries in Asian football: differences and similarities with Europe”, while Dr Xavier Yanguas, sports medicine specialist at the medical services, FC Barcelona, will showcase the preventing programme in FC Barcelona.

The workshop will explore topical sports medicine updates covering the latest developments in sports medicine areas, spread across different sessions: epidemiology, injury mechanisms, risk factors, intervention studies, treatment and return to play.

The MuscleTech Network Congress is a communication and dissemination platform organised by the FC Barcelona Foundation, Aspetar and Leitat, supported by the Leo Messi Foundation.



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