Qatar Charity (QC) has pledged QR25mn for Gaza at the Forum of International Popular Committee to Support Gaza Strip, held in Istanbul recently.

“Through these projects we will focus on priority areas such as food, shelter, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation,” said Mousa Ibrahim Zainal, QC’s assistant executive director for International Development and Gaza office manager.

“Qatar Charity will allocate QR18mn for health, food, agriculture, education, water and sanitation, while QR7.3mn will go towards reconstruction in order to find shelter for displaced families whose homes were destroyed,” he added.

Zainal said that the massive losses that resulted from the recent aggression on Gaza required concerted efforts of humanitarian workers, individuals, institutions, and indeed all parties inside and outside Qatar in order to provide immediate assistance for the reconstruction of Gaza and the basic necessities of life for its residents.

Qatar Charity sponsored the Forum of the International Popular Committee to Support Gaza Strip where participants pledged QR100mn for projects in Gaza.

The forum highlighted the fact that the whole world needed to provide support to Gaza and comfort the people of Gaza by reassuring them that they were not alone.

The forum was attended by 250 figures active in the field of charitable and humanitarian work from 35 countries across the world, representing 75 humanitarian and charitable institutions.

The Israeli aggression on Gaza left 2,139 dead, including 579 children, 263 woman and 102 elderly people; 11,200 wounded, 25% of whom were left with disabilities; around 1,000 children were left with permanent disabilities.

The reconstruction of Palestine is a main priority for QC, which has worked in the country since 1996 out of its two offices in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


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