The Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Supply and Equipment General Directorate is currently equipping and furnishing two villas at the Central Prison to facilitate visits by the family members of prisoners, local daily Arrayah reported yesterday.

Construction of the two villas has been done and preparations are on to get the villas ready to accommodate the prisoners and their visitors.

Gulf Times had reported on this initiative in September last year. Under this facility, a prisoner would be able to spend around 4-5 hours or even a complete day in privacy with his wife and children after providing the necessary documentation.

The initiative is aimed at enhancing the family ties of prisoners so that they are able to lead normal family lives when after prison term ends.

Each of the villas features a fully equipped kitchen
and hall.

Meanwhile, the Ramadan tournament held for the benefit of inmates was recently concluded. It included a number of activities, games and contests among the prisoners, with the winners being given awards.

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