QC water project offers lifeline to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
July 01 2014 11:14 PM
One of QC’s water projects for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
One of QC’s water projects for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Qatar Charity has implemented water projects worth QR500,000 for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The ‘soqia el khair’ (watering of goodness) project involves the drilling of a well, in addition to the establishment of a water tank and an electric generator for the benefit of Syrian

QC worked in collaboration with the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon for the project, which will secure clean water for more than 100 refugee families in Arsal, in the western Bekaa, as well as providing lighting for more than 400 tents.

There are around 50,000 Syrian refugees currently sheltering in Arsal, nearly double that of the local population.

Many Arsal residents are hosting Syrian refugees in their homes, which is a significant burden on them.

QC has recently announced the launch of a number of relief and development projects for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other areas at a cost of QR14mn.

The projects include health, education and relief. The Healing Wounds project at a cost of $355,000 aims to provide support to field hospitals inside Syria, particularly in Damascus countryside, Assal el ward, Beit Jann, Fleita, Rankous, Jibba and Jeroud. The Medical Fund project that covers more than 120 ambulatory operations a month, provides medical care for around 200,000 Syrians internally displaced in Damascus countryside and the surrounding area, and benefits 480 wounded people a month at a cost of $1,200,000.

The Healing Touch project cost $130,000 and focuses on the health centre in the Al-Abdah, which receives the wounded from the Syrian-Lebanese border, or from their place of
residence in Lebanon.

Sponsorship of Health Center 24 in Tripoli, at a cost of $190,000 was implemented, covering the wages of the workforce for one year. The total capacity of the centre when fully operational is 35-beds, and the project involves performing 157 surgeries a month ranging from small, medium and major procedures, in addition to 105 physical rehabilitation and 165 follow-up cases.

In the field of education, QC launched its sponsorship of the Qatari Centre for the Education of Syrians in the Bourj al-Barajneh camp, south of Beirut. QC sponsors 475 Syrian refugee students for one academic year at a cost of $200,000. QC also sponsors the Qatari Centre for the Education of Syrians which offers support to Syrian students in the village of Tikrit, teaching 250 students at a cost of 135,000.

QC also implemented the projects of ‘ Baskets of Goodness’ and ‘Soqia el Khair’ projects in Lebanon, at a cost of $100,000, involving the purchase and distribution of food for the benefit of 550 refugee families in the Bekaa Valley.



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