Youth learn about Qatar’s mangroves through kayaking
April 23 2014 10:38 PM

FUN ACTIVITY: Some of the participants kayaking.

Young people on a recent kayaking trip to Al Thakira Marina got a chance to learn about Qatar’s mangroves while having fun kayaking.

The trip was organised by Entalek, an eco-adventure company in Qatar, for members of The Youth Company in Qatar (TYC). The young participants took turns kayaking through the mangrove saline waters, appreciating the natural beauty.

The purpose behind the trip was to raise awareness about the country’s hidden natural heritage and the Qatari mangrove eco-system. Steve Rhodes, a professional kayaker and Entalek’s director of operations, provided TYC delegates basic kayaking lessons on how to paddle boats through the mangrove swamps while experiencing the natural beauty of the habitat.

Rhodes said, “Qatar has amazing locations to explore and we have the tools to do it. It also has a lot more to offer in the way of outdoor activities than is currently being utilised.”

Following the paddling lessons, the Rhodes led TYC’s kayaking convoy to the mangroves where they were exposed to a few challenges. The instructor told the youth that mangroves are trees up to medium height and shrubs that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats like the Al Thakira Marina. They were tasked to take bites from the green and yellowish sea plants to examine the level of salt they contain (yellowish mangroves leaves have greater amount of salts).

TYC’s delegates were thrilled and excited by the mangrove adventure as they continued kayaking until sunset in their quest for more discoveries in the saline waters. They called it an “amazing” experience and that eco-retreats like this should be organised more often for the Qatari youths.

“The retreat was an awesome experience and we have learnt some amazing facts about the ecosystem. We will organise a broader programme with Entalek for the Qatari youth as it will help to educate them more about nature’s discoveries which many have not always considered,” said Abdulrahman Sajid, CEO of TYC.



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