Successive developments and fast-moving events have made the Arab region the focus of attention of the international community by virtue of their effect on the overall economic conditions and the stability, security and international peace, Minister of Economy and Trade HE Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani said.
The minister was speaking at the opening session of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League here.
Qatar was the president of the previous summit to prepare the economic and social agendas which will be presented to the Arab summit, due to be held in Kuwait next Tuesday and Wednesday.
The minister said the Economic and Social Council has done its best in dealing with matters to achieve the decisions and recommendations of the previous summits, stressing that the completion of the reform and development of the Arab League, which is still at the stage of work and study is at the forefront of the council’s priorities.
He added said that the challenges and risks faced by the region were a natural result of changes that took place in some Arab countries.
The minister said the Council will consider as a priority topics on the agenda that concern the Arab countries, including the Arab Customs Union, which he hoped would be completed and start function in 2015.
He said that the Economic and Social Council began working towards achieving the sustainable economic development, the project to combat poverty, reduction of unemployment in the Arab countries which will contribute to addressing the problems of qualified young people and job seekers in order to provide greater social peace.
The Economic and Social Council has implemented the initiatives on food provision pursuant to the completion of the overall programme of Arab food security, he added.
The minister said the Council had faced many obstacles in the previous session but it had managed to overcome them out of concern for the completion of tasks and realise greater achievements. He expressed the hope that more achievements would be made in the 25th session of the Arab summit.

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