Three people were killed and five injured in three different accidents during the last two days on the Airport Road and at Ben Mahmoud and Al Rayyan.

On Wednesday  the driver of a vehicle  coming from the Airport signals towards the Airport Commercial Street, lost control and hit a Filipino man standing on the pavement, killing him on the spot. Before hitting the victim, the vehicle had hit a vehicle in which a  Qatari family was travelling, injuring the mother and  two of her daughters.  It also hit  seven parked cars, finally settling on top of one of them (pictured).

In another accident  yesterday afternoon at Ben Mahmoud,  a young citizen was killed when the Land Cruiser he was driving rammed another Land Cruiser. The motorist in front sustained several injuries.

At Al Rayyan, an Asian expatriate was killed after his sedan  collided with another car. The victim was trapped in his car and the Civil Defence had to be called in to retrieve the body.

On Wednesday evening, a loaded fuel tanker overturned at the Abu Hamour roundabout, spilling the fuel on the road and creating a huge traffic jam during the peak hours.