Qatar’s population crosses 2mn mark
October 02 2013 02:15 AM

By Ramesh Mathew

Staff Reporter



Qatar’s population has breached the 2mn mark.

The Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) yesterday said the country’s population stood at 2,035,106 on September 30 this year, which was a little over 10% than the figure of the corresponding month last year.

The figure consisted only of people present in Qatar on the date.  

The country’s male population has now crossed the 1.5mn-mark. As per the QSA figures, there were 1,509,211 men in Qatar on September 30.

QSA said the women’s population touched 525,895. This was 14,445 more than the previous high of 511,450 recorded in April this year.

The latest population figure is 72, 082 more than the previous highest of 1,963,124 recorded on May 31. Similarly, there was a difference of 170,289 between the figures of September and the previous month, which was reported as 1,864,817.

In September 2012, Qatar’s population was 1,844,276. The male population of 1,509,211 in September this year was 145,523 more than the figure of September 2012

There has been a nearly 200% surge in Qatar’s population in the last 11 years. In June 2002, the population was 540,000. But now the country’s  women population alone stood at 525,895.

On Monday, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said in a statement that four major non-Arab expatriate nationality groups in Qatar together constituted more than 1.2mn people. They are Indians (544,802), Nepalese (340,679), Filipinos (184,648) and Bangladeshis (137,245). There are an estimated 100,000  Sri Lankans in the country , according to their embassy sources.

As per the NHRC report, about 17% (92,224) of the country’s Indian expatriate population constitute families while more than 99% (339,901) of the Nepalese expatriate population are single workers. A little over 10% (19,201) of the Filipino population are families.

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