Jaidah Group has received more than 19,000 photos so far for its SeeMyDoha photography competition, which began on April 7 and runs until September 30.
The competition, an offshoot of SeeMyCity, has been adopted by Jaidah Group as the way forward to what is now its annual photography contest.
It is a new concept that uses camera-enabled smartphones and the social media platform, Instagram.
As of July 31, a total of 19,289 entries had been received, with nine – three each from every month’s theme – initially chosen by the panel of judges as Winners of the Month for April, May and June. The monthly theme for September is “Creative”.
Nine more monthly winners are to be selected for July, August and September before the top five entries throughout the competition will be announced through Instagram and social media at an exhibition and awards ceremony in November. There are grand prizes for the top five entries, with the top prize winner receiving a trip to a mystery destination.
Entries are to be submitted via Instagram using the hashtag #seemydoha. Only images that clearly reflect Qatar will be considered for the competition. Full details of the terms and conditions of the competition can be found on www.seemydoha.com
“We are very pleased and amazed at the huge response and amazing artistic quality of images that this competition has generated so far,” said Mohamed Jaidah, group executive director of Jaidah Group.
A workshop was organised to instruct the contestants on how to take photographs with maximum impact using a smartphone as well as the simple and effective procedures for uploading and showcasing them via Instagram.
“As such, this has resulted in a huge number of remarkable images, which have so far portrayed and captured the beauty of Doha like it has never been seen in such a way before,” he added. “Therefore, we are as excited as the competitors to see what more is in store from the upcoming entries in the coming months.”

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