Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah al-Thani (centre) and Abdulbasit (left) touring the  Charity Art and Photography Auction at the College of North Atlantic – Qatar.

Prominent Qatari entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah al-Thani and International Islamic CEO, Abdulbasit A. al-Shaibei participated in the celebrations held as part of the Charity Art and Photography Auction at the College of North Atlantic – Qatar on May 22.
More than 100 selections of art and photography were up for bids. The majority of these pieces have been generously donated by members of CNA-Q’s art and photography clubs, consisting of both students and employees.
Sheikh Ali said International Islamic bank’s participation at the noble event reflects the co-operation between the business sector and educational institutions in charity initiatives. The proceeds from the auction will go to Qatar Red Crescent.
“Art and creativity are beautiful and when they are used to remove pain, and heal wounds, they have greater value. Representing business sector in such an initiative is really gratifying,” Sheikh Ali said.
Al-Shaibei said International Islamic’s support of the auction reflects the bank’s support of social and national projects. Institutions such as Qatar Red Crescent are committed to serving the local community and others in need. Through various projects they undertake such initiatives.
“As a responsible financial institution in Qatar, we focus on growth and derive profit from our activities. But we believe these are not the only important aims of our bank. We are committed to social and humanitarian endeavour and all activities that are meant for the progress of the society and nation building,” al-Shaibei said.
The International Islamic CEO complimented the College of North Atlantic – Qatar led by Dr. Ken MacLeod, president, and students and volunteers who have actively participated in the auction.

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