Focus on ‘leadership’ at QCF lecture series
April 03 2013 11:09 PM
Dr Folkman speaking at QCF 2013.
Dr Folkman speaking at QCF 2013.

Qatar Career Fair (QCF)  yesterday hosted the first in a series of dynamic leadership building lectures by noted psycho-metrician Dr Joe Folkman.
Presented by Quick-Wins in co-operation with Salam International, the lectures aim to develop the leadership skills of Qataris in the workforce and beyond.
The first lecture held yesterday  focused on how to turn good managers into great leaders.
Based on findings that the ability to lead is not just a natural gift, Dr Folkman demonstrated how leadership is a concrete and learn-able skill that can be acquired by studying and applying specific proficiencies and techniques.
Amongst other techniques, audiences were shown some 16 statistically proven competencies that set extraordinary leaders apart from average managers.
Today between 10am-12pm, the lecture series will continue with an exclusive women-only session. The topic will focus on women as better leaders than men.
The lecture will be based on research published in Harvard Business Review that prove women are better overall leaders and aims to answer the longstanding argument of the placement and qualifications of women in the workforce.
The research comes from a recent worldwide survey of7,280 leaders in some of the most  successful  and  progressive organisations.  
It confirms some long held assumptions about men and women’s current workforce roles, but also holds some shocking surprises.
Most say that gender doesn’t matter, but  if you take a close look at the data, apparently it does.
In the daily search for qualified leaders to fill positions in various levels and functions, women are often overlooked.
This research will help organisations not only to see the talent they are overlooking, but understand how to better develop all employees regardless of gender.
The lecture will put forward compelling material on the fallacy of stereotypes that would have us believe that female leaders only excel at certain competencies and areas.
In addition, Dr Folkman will present the research that shows at every level, women were rated as better overall leaders than their male counterparts and why that might occur.
He will also discuss what leaders and managers should do with the findings to develop a talent pool of extraordinary leaders, and reveal a research-based and revolutionary approach to best develop leaders.

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