Jaidah Group, organisers of the “SeeMyDoha” photography competition, is holding a workshop that will show participants how to take photographs with maximum impact using a smartphone, as well as simple procedures to upload and showcase them via Instagram.
“Following the success of ‘SeeMyCity’, we felt that there are valuable lessons that can be imparted to aspiring photographers and social media enthusiasts who are interested in entering an exciting and unique photography competition such as ‘SeeMyDoha’,” said Mohamed Jaidah, chief development officer of Jaidah Group.
The workshop, to be held from noon until 4pm at Katara on April 6, is divided into two parts. In the theoretical session, the first of four presentations will be conducted by Marianne Hope - founder of “SeeMyCity” - who will talk about the concept and provide photography tips on how to “see” and capture an image of a city creatively.  The next three presentations will be conducted by “SeeMyCity” members Herbert Schrör, Jeroen Moor and Yvonne Bouman, who will talk about their experiences on Instagram and how they saw the world in a new perspective through the lens of their smartphones.
The participants will later move to a photography adventure and treasure hunt at Katara, accompanied by the “SeeMyCity” photographers.
As the “SeeMyDoha” smartphone photography competition starts accepting entries by April 7, photographs taken during the photo walk can be entered on the next day. The workshop is free of charge, but prior registration via www.seemydoha.com is necessary due to limited slots.
There are prizes for the top five entries, with the top prize winner bagging a trip to a mystery destination. Entries are to be submitted via Instagram with the hashtag #seemydoha.
Only images that clearly reflect Qatar will be considered with an unlimited number of entries allowed.

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