Aspire Zone’s Aquathon Series has attracted hundreds of entrants already this season, and tomorrow, Chris Arthey hopes to show that even those who receive setbacks in life can still enjoy
competing in sport.
In 2008, Arthey and his wife Denise were involved in a road accident resulting in both having their left legs amputated.
With the help of a prosthetic limb, Arthey has managed to continue to run marathons and, having relocated to Qatar a month ago, has signed up to compete in the third race of the annual Aquathon Series.
“Even before we arrived a friend told me about the Aquathon. I’m really excited to be competing,” said Arthey.
Prior to the accident Arthey had completed all five of the world’s biggest marathons and despite his disability, he recently finished second in his age group in a 5km race against able-bodied competitors in Texas.
“I just missed winning the 55-59 age group by one second. I had to be helped up onto the podium to get the medal. The runner who finished third looked a bit bemused at being beaten by someone with one leg.”
Despite the challenges they face, the Artheys refuse to let their disabilities impact their enjoyment of life.
“Each day is a series of choices. If you put enough good choices in a row then that makes a good day. You put enough good days together it makes a good week. If you carry on you can build a good life again,” added Arthey.
A short YouTube video about Chris and Denise can be found by searching on the Internet for ‘rainbow arthey’.
The Aquathon races feature a swim in the Aspire Dome pool and run around Aspire Zone.
The series includes five races, each of which consist of a 500m swim followed by a 5km run around the picturesque Aspire Park.
The junior division boasts two modified circuits; the 10-11 years old age category is comprised of a 100m swim and 1.5km run, whilst the 12-13 years old age category features a 200m swim and 3km run.
The Aquathon is organised by Aspire Logistics and is designed to help improve one’s cardiovascular fitness, as well as their overall health.