Bolivarian Alliance condemns Israeli aggression in Gaza
November 26 2012 12:04 AM
Escalante hands Ghanim the statement yesterday as a representative of Venezuelan embassy looks on.
Escalante hands Ghanim the statement yesterday as a representative of Venezuelan embassy looks on.


The embassies of Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador in Doha issued yesterday a joint statement condemning the recent escalation of violence by the Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

The statement says: “The embassies of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of the Americas (Alba) condemn the new escalation of violence and killing by the Israeli Armed Forces in the Gaza Strip. The brutal repression of the Palestinian population has taken the lives of many innocent civilians and brought about considerable material losses compounding the hardships the people from that small and besieged territory had already endured.” 

The Cuban Ambassador to Qatar Ernesto D Plasencia Escalante said that the Alba embassies to Qatar expressed the will of their governments and peoples and call on the international community to take all the necessary steps to prevent any such potential criminal acts against the Palestinians in the future.

He further reiterated the support of Alba to the just cause of the Palestinians in their struggle against occupation, stressing their rights to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The representative of Venezuela embassy in Doha also expressed the continued support of his country to the Palestinian issue. He said that his country has supported all related initiatives and would continue to do so. Further, Palestinians could depend on Venezuela as reliable and friendly nation in all fields.

In the meantime, Escalante said that Cuba would support Palestine in all fields including economic and political. Cuba could offer the Palestinians great educational and training support to develop the skills of their human resources.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Qatar Munir Ghanim welcomed the statement pointing out that it affirms that the Palestinian cause is a common human cause of freedom, justice and peace.

He said that his country has strong friendship with Alba countries based on the rejection of all types of Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people and territories.

“This stand sends a strong message to the world as well as the Zionist enemy that all powers honour peace and reject such oppression represented in practices such as continuing the building of new settlements on occupied territories and imposing a Jewish identity on Jerusalem,” he said.   

Ghanim called on the international community to support the Palestinian request at the UN to acquire full UN membership, scheduled for vote on November 29. He said that Israel should stop its occupational practices and let Palestine take its proper role in advancing human civilisation.

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