Some of the participants at the Ashghal workshop
The president of Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has stressed the importance of traffic safety in the fast developing scenario and stated that Ashghal was committed to providing the safest road network in the region saying “Qatar deserves the best”.
Nasser al-Mawlawi was addressing a workshop on “road safety strategy”, organised by Ashghal, in co-ordination with the National Committee for
Traffic Safety.
Apart from Ashghal president, other officials who attended the workshop included Jalal Y Salehi, infrastructure affairs director; Yusuf Abdurahman al-Emadi, road operations and maintenance manager; Jamal Shareeda al-Kabi, roads and drainages designs manager; along with other officers and representatives from other public sector
The workshop reviewed the existing traffic safety practices in the country besides discussing ways, methods and strategies for improvement.
With representation from all important sectors and service providers in the country, the National Committee for Traffic Safety has decided to implement a set of strategies through various means, including public awareness, developing road safety policies and practices, developing a national strategy for road safety, considering realisation of the foundation objective of the committee.
The workshop also discussed development of action plans for ensuring traffic safety, including data research, road safety engineering and traffic culture, traffic control and law enforcement, traffic insurance and responding to the
traffic accidents.
Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah al-Maliki, secretary, National Committee for Traffic Safety, explained the role of contract no. 6 on charting out plans of actions for road safety strategy for the road network in Qatar.
He also presented a documentary showcasing the role of traffic in implementing traffic safety and urban surge taking place in the country.
A representative of the consulting firm, ECOM, responsible for the execution of the contract no. 6 presented a detailed view of the steps taken by the firm to date, pointing out the shortcomings of the already existing system related to traffic safety.
The presentation also gave a glimpse into the best road traffic network implemented in the developed countries.
Yusuf Abdurahman al-Emadi, manager, road operations and maintenance, urged the participating organisations to co-operate with the consultancy firm in the implementation of traffic safety strategies for
ensuring safer roads.
The consultancy firm is to submit the final report on the National Strategy for Traffic Safety to the National Committee for Traffic Safety by the end of March.
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