British Prime Minister Keir Starmer has said the UK has a "cast iron commitment" to spending 2.5% of national income on defence.

Starmer announced that the new government will begin a review of the defence capabilities the country needs in the future, which will set out a "roadmap" to reaching the 2.5% target.

"At a time when we face multiple threats at home and abroad, we must make sure we are ready to defend ourselves," (BBC) quoted Starmer as saying.

"That's why I have immediately ordered a root-and-branch review that will secure Britain's defences for the future," he added.

Speaking ahead of his departure to Washington for the annual summit of the NATO defence alliance, Starmer told reporters he was committed to spending 2.5% of GDP - a measure of the size of the economy - on defence "within our fiscal rules".

The prime minister is to meet US President Joe Biden at the White House on Wednesday for bilateral talks.
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